The greatest challenge of our times is the environment. At Kanor Plast, we take this matter very seriously and we are constantly thinking about how to improve, in line with our environmental policy.

When developing new products, we endeavor to find appropriate materials with the smallest possible environmental footprint.

We closely monitor the development of new fossil-free biomaterials and recommend that our customers make the transition to such materials where possible.

Although the generation of a certain amount of waste is inevitable, our production processes utilize the latest technology to optimize quality and rational manufacture.

Having pursued such endeavors for many years, today, we can proudly say that virtually all of our production waste is recycled.

Old machinery at our plants is gradually replaced with new energy-efficient equipment and we purchase strictly green electricity.

Plastics plants require considerable amounts of water for their cooling processes.

We have built a closed-loop cooling system in which the same water is circulated all year round and surplus heat is captured for heating the plant, warehouse and offices.